Monday, June 14, 2010

Biopsy type list

Types of Biopsy

Needle biopsy—cells are removed using a thin needle
Aspiration biopsy—cells are drawn out with a hollow needle that uses suction
Core needle biopsy—a sample of tissue is removed using a hollow “coreâ€� needle that has a special cutting edge
Vacuum-assisted biopsy—a number of samples of tissue are taken using a special rotating probe device
Endoscopic biopsy—abnormality is viewed with a long, thin tube that has a lighted camera on one end (called an endoscope); a tool is passed through the tube to take the biopsy sample
Incisional biopsy—a portion of a mass is removed by cutting it out
Excisional biopsy—a mass is completely removed (eg, breast lump)
Punch biopsy—a core of skin is removed with a special biopsy tool
Skin biopsy—a small piece of skin is cut off with a scalpel
Shave biopsy—top layers of skin are shaved off with a special blade
Bone marrow biopsy—a long needle is inserted into the bone marrow to collect cells

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