Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Complication and after EGD what happen

 Are there any complications on EGD?

EGD is safe and associated with low risk when performed by physicians who have been specially trained and are experienced in the endoscopic procedure.

One major complication is perforation in which a small tear through the wall may allow leakage of digestive fluid. This complication may be managed simply by aspirating the fluid until the opening seals or may require surgery.

Bleeding may occur from the site of biopsy or polyp removal. It is usually minimal but rarely may require transfusions or surgery.

Localized irritation of the vein may occur at the site of medication injection. A tender lump develops which may remain for several weeks to several months but goes away eventually.

Death is extremely rare but remains a remote possibility. Other risks include drug reactions, etc.

What happens after the EGD?

You will be able to leave the endoscopic area as soon as most of the affects of the medication have worn off. Your throat may be a little sore for a couple of hours and you may feel some "Gassiness" and fullness in the abdomen for a few minutes right after the procedure because of the air that was introduced to examine your stomach.

You will be able to resume your diet as soon as the EGD is over unless your doctor instructs you other-wise.

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