Monday, June 7, 2010

CPT updation for Gastrostomy,Hemorrhoid 43760, 43761

CPT changes for 2010

For 2010, CPT issued clarification to the following codes:

43760 Change of gastrostomy tube, percutaneous, without imaging or endoscopic guidance (To report fluoroscopically guided replacement of gastrostomy tube, use 49450)

43761 Repositioning of a naso- or oro-gastric feeding tube, through the duodenum for enteric nutrition

For 2010, CPT revised the clarification language for this section and revised the following code as follows:

For incision of thrombosed external hemorrhoid, use 46083. For ligation of internal hemorrhoid(s), see 46221, 46945, 46946. For excision of internal and/or external hemorrhoid(s), see 46250-46262, 46320. For injection of hemorrhoid(s), use 46500. For destruction of internal hemorrhoid(s) by thermal energy, use 46930. For destruction of hemorrhoid(s) by cryosurgery, use 46999. For hemorrhoidopexy, use 46947.

46221 Hemorrhoidectomy, internal, by rubber band ligation(s)

ICD-9-CM Codes
For 2010, there are several new ICD-9 codes:

New ICD-9-CM Procedure Codes: 
46.86 Endoscopic insertion of colonic stent(s)
46.87 Other insertion of colonic stent(s)

New ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes:

569.71 Pouchitis
569.79 Other complications of intestinal pouch
569.87 Vomiting of fecal matter
779.31 Feeding problems in newborn
778.32 Bilious vomiting in newborn
779.33 Other vomiting in newborn
779.34 Failure to thrive in newborn
787.04 Bilious emesis
789.7 Infantile colic
V15.80 History of failed moderate sedation

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