Monday, June 21, 2010

Diagnosis 530.1X esophagitis billing update

Diagnoses That Support Medical Necessity

One of the following E codes may be used as a secondary diagnosis when ICD-9-CM diagnosis code

530.1X (esophagitis) is used as the primary diagnosis.

Accidental poisoning by petroleum products
E862.9 Accidental poisoning by unspecified solvent not elsewhere classified
E863.0?E863.9 Accidental poisoning by agricultural and horticultural chemical and pharmaceutical preparations other than plant foods and fertilizers
E864.0?E864.4 Accidental poisoning by corrosives and caustics not elsewhere classified
E947.8?E947.9 Other and unspecified drugs and medicinal substances
E950.7 Suicide and self-inflicted poisoning by corrosive and caustic substances
E962.1 Assault by other solid and liquid substances
E980.6 Poisoning by corrosive and caustic substances undetermined whether accidentally or purposely inflicted
Note: Use of one of the E codes provides further clarification of the need for the procedure, but does not affect coverage.

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