Saturday, June 5, 2010

understand double ballon endoscopy

Double Balloon Endoscopy

Double balloon enteroscopy (DBE), also known as "push-pull enteroscopy" or the "double-bubble", is a new endoscopic technique that allows pan-enteric (complete) examination of the small bowel.

DBE was originally developed in Japan in 2001 and is now performed by many gastroenterologists throughout the world.

DBE is a complimentary technique to small bowel capsule endoscopy. Often abnormalities found at capsule endoscopy are investigated by DBE since DBE can take biopsies or perform treatment which capsule endoscopy cannot do.

DBE and capsule endoscopy in combination are two of the most powerful, non-invasive and easy ways to investigate the small bowel. Both tests are associated with minimal discomfort and a very low complication rate.

Depending on the indication, DBE may offer patients an alternative to surgery.

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