Saturday, July 2, 2016

Definition of a Global Surgical Package

Field 16 of the Medicare Fee Schedule Data Base (MFSDB) provides the postoperative periods that apply to each surgical procedure. The payment rules for surgical procedures apply to codes with entries of 000, 010, 090, and, sometimes, YYY.

Codes with “090” in Field 16 are major surgeries. Codes with “000” or “010” are either minor surgical procedures or endoscopies.

Codes with “YYY” are carrier-priced codes, for which carriers determine the global period (the global period for these codes will be 0, 10, or 90 days). Note that not all carrier-priced codes have a “YYY” global surgical indicator; sometimes the global period is specified.

While codes with “ZZZ” are surgical codes, they are add-on codes that are always billed with another service. There is no postoperative work included in the fee schedule payment for the “ZZZ” codes. Payment is made for both the primary and the add-on codes, and the global period assigned is applied to the primary code.

Surgeons and Global Surgery

A national definition of a global surgical package has been established to ensure that payment is made consistently for the same services across all carrier jurisdictions, thus preventing Medicare payments for services that are more or less comprehensive than intended. The national global surgery policy became effective for surgeries performed on and after January 1, 1992.

The instructions that follow describe the components of a global surgical package and payment rules for minor surgeries, endoscopies and global surgical packages that are split between two or more physicians. In addition, billing, mandatory edits, claims review, adjudication, and postpayment instructions are included.

In addition to the global policy, uniform payment policies and claims processing requirements have been established for other surgical issues, including bilateral and multiple surgeries, co-surgeons, and team surgeries.

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