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Claims From Physicians Who Furnish Less Than the Global Package (Split Global Care)

For surgeries performed January 1, 1992, and later, that are billed with either modifier “-54” or “-55,” A/B MACs (B) pay the appropriate percentage of the fee schedule payment. Fields 17-19 of the MFSDB list the appropriate percentages for pre-, intra-, and postoperative care of the total RVUs for major surgical procedures and for minor surgeries with a postoperative period of 10 days. The intra-operative percentage includes postoperative hospital visits.

Procedures with a “000” entry in Field 16 have an entry of “0.0000” in Fields 17-19. Split global care does not apply to these procedures.

A/B MACs (B) multiply the fee schedule amount (Field 34 or Field 35 of the MFSDB) by this percentage and round to the nearest cent. Assume that a physician who bills with a “-54” modifier has provided both preoperative, intra-operative and postoperative hospital services. Pay this physician the combined preoperative and intra-operative portions of the fee schedule payment amount.

Where more than one physician bills for the postoperative care, A/B MACs (B) apportion the postoperative percentage according to the number of days each physician was responsible for the patient’s care by dividing the postoperative allowed amount by the number of post-op days and that amount is multiplied by the number of days each physician saw the patient.


Dr. Jones bills for procedure “42145-54” performed on March 1 and states that he cared for the patient through April 29. Dr. Smith bills for procedure “42145-55” and states that she assumed care of the patient on April 30. The percentage of the total fee amount for the postoperative care for this procedure is determined to be 17 percent and the length of the global period is 90 days. Since Dr. Jones provided postoperative care for the first 60 days, he will receive 66 2/3 percent of the total fee of 17 percent since 60/90 = .6666. Dr. Smith’s 30 days of service entitle her to 30/90 or .3333 of the fee.

6666 x .17 = .11333 or 11.3%; and

3338 x .17 = .057 or 5.7%.

Thus, Dr. Jones will be paid at a rate of 11.3 percent (66.7 percent of 17 percent). Dr. Smith will be paid at a rate of 5.7 percent (33.3 percent of 17 percent).

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